This book is a collection of tutorial from the excellent paper by (Wilson et al. 2010). Instead of just copy pasting the tutorial in a bookdown format, the tutorials have been updated to work with the newest version of the softwares and extended to present other softwares. However, this is still a work in progress.

Do not take anything in this manual as gospel.


List of people who contributed to update and extend tutorials:

  • Eric Postma updated the previous tutorial from asreml-r 3 to asreml-r 4
  • Julien Martin developed and maintains the site
  • Mathieu Videlier added (and continues to add) more details in the document


Wilson, Alastair J., Denis Réale, Michelle N. Clements, Michael M. Morrissey, Erik Postma, Craig A. Walling, Loeske E. B. Kruuk, and Daniel H. Nussey. 2010. “An Ecologist’s Guide to the Animal Model.” Journal of Animal Ecology 79 (1): 13–26.