I list only opportunities for which I provide funding. If you have your own funding, do not hesitate to contact me even if there are no opportunities listed on the page. I recently moved to Ottawa and I am looking for MSc and PhD students to start my new lab here.


There is at least 1 opportunity for a PhD working on the evolution of predictability in multiple traits using long-term data on several species including alpine swift and yellow-bellied marmots. Details (french and english)

MSc project

3 projects available on alpine swifts senescence and on yellow beliied marmots reproductive strategies
  1. Details for the 2 projects on swifts (french and english)
  2. Details for 1 project on the marmots (french and english)

Honours project

I am always looking for undergraduate students who are keen to get experience in my lab and do some research. Do not hesitate to contact me.